A very special trip

Several days ago, a group of 30 special needs youngsters and adults from Alei Siach enjoyed a ski vacation at the Club Chart Hotel in southern France.  The group comprised residents of Alei Siach homes throughout Jerusalem, including couples living their married lives in the organization’s framework.

Accompanying the trip was a professional team who described the group’s tremendous excitement at the experience, which included instructors who taught the basics of skiing, and a plethora of social activities.

It is important to note that beyond the sheer pleasure of this ski vacation, the activity is part of the organization’s daily efforts to empower these young people and teach them personal independence, providing them with as many social skills as possible that will assist them with integration into the community.  In other words, as S, an Alei Siach resident said, “I was so excited but also a little afraid at first.  But with my mentors’ help, I learned to overcome that and succeeded in fulfilling the goal.  I can’t wait to try it again next year!”

Rabbi Chaim Perkal, founder and Chair of Alei Siach: I wish to warmly thank the hotel proprietors, Mr Stephane and Mrs Nathalie Mamou, for their very generous hospitality, and their outstanding sensitivity towards our special delegation.  Special thanks to Marcel Gottlieb for the wonderful gift to Alei Siach residents and for his ongoing support of our organization.  I have no doubt that the many experiences enjoyed by the group will be remembered for years to come.  How blessed we are to have partners such as yourselves who believe in our organization and its goals, and who assist us in assuring the future of so many special needs Israelis.

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