Academia Supports Alei Siach

Last week Alei Siach and the Hebrew University held a joint conference at the Bayit Vegan Guest House. The topic was “The Autism Spectrum – Adolescence” and the event was supported by the Clinic Genetics Organization.
The focus was on promoting learning and discussion among Alei Siach professionals and members of academic fields, and sought to accessibilize current research materials in the field of autism for those involved in handling the practical aspects.
Opening the conference was Alei Siach founder and chairperson, Rabbi Haim Perkal. Dr. Jude Koller spoke of coping with the transition by youth with autism, to adulthood. Professor Cory Shulman explained implementable models for intervention. Summarizing the evening, Professor Gad Yair, director of the School for Research on Innovation in Education at Hebrew University.
Rabbi Perkal: “At Alei Siach we aim to provide optimal care and support for our special residents. The best way is to be in constant touch with cutting edge sources in the world of academic research able to accessibilize the most current information available worldwide to our care teams on all aspects of wellbeing for these special needs youth and young adults.”