Turning Pain into a Vision

There are people who are broken by calamity – and there are people who take their personal pain and build worlds. Such a man is Rabbi Chaim Perkal, founder and director of Alei Siach. His autistic daughter, Rivka (34), taught him everything he needs to know about what it means to raise a special child who grows into a special adult – and the painful shadows it casts on the rest of the family.

 It was under Rabbi Perkal’s leadership that the first group home for religious special-needs children was formed in 1990.

 This was just the beginning of Alei Sach. Step by step, one initiative followed another until one apartment turned into comprehensive mosaic of round-the-clock activity. Today, Alei Siach provides comprehensive and all-encompassing programs for special-needs individuals of many ages and disabilities. Beginning with assisted-living facilities, today Alei Siach operates a state-of-the-art rehabilitative occupation center, a daily afternoon program for those still living at home, respite centers, an advanced college program for special-needs adults, and much more.

 This site will give you a glimpse of the wide range of activities that Alei Siach facilitates every day of the year. But as much as we write, it is hard to express in words the essence of all our ongoing activity. You will also find photos and videos to give you an even better picture of the comprehensive operation that is Alei Siach.