Our Newest Projects

Despite the Obstacles: Our Newest Projects

Expanding Camp Bimyuchad

One needs only to look at the joyous smiles on both campers’ and counselors’ faces to see the purpose and success of Camp Bimyuchad, Alei Siach’s overnight summer camp. It’s no wonder they eagerly anticipate it all year long.

 We know all too well how desperately the campers’ families need this small break, so they can regain their strength and spend quality time with the rest of the family.

 Despite the complex logistics and comprehensive preparations required to operate this huge project, we are working on expanding this program. For the sake of the children and their struggling families, we intend to expand our activities and set up additional getaways for other vacation days such as chol hamo’ed and Chanukah. Your contribution will make this plan a reality.

Expanding our Cerebral Palsy Program

We are working on expanding our newest work group in Alei Siach’s occupation center: severely handicapped men with cerebral palsy of normal to borderline intelligence.

 This group’s daily schedule is divided between studying Gemara and production. Most of the work they do is on computers, and they require highly technological systems that can be adapted for limited vision and motor difficulties. We desperately need more computerized systems and equipment to help each individual realize their physical and mental abilities.


Expanding our Special College

We believe that special-needs individuals also want to study and advance; that’s why three years ago, we established Alei Siach’s unique special college. Our goal is to keep expanding the variety and level of our courses, and we are proud that today we are working in cooperation with several community colleges and professional institutes.

 We want to see special-needs students integrated in the higher learning community, so they too can develop their personal growth, cognitive development, knowledge enrichment, professional advancement, and  social integration.

To further our goal, we need contributions to pay teachers and subsidize courses.

 Current courses:

  • Photography – with the cooperation of the Oman School of Art
  • Ceramics – with the cooperation of the Oman School of Art
  • Office Training – with the cooperation of the Lomda Institute
  • Computers – with the cooperation of the Lomda Institute
  • Introduction to Psychology: the art of living – with the cooperation of Michlelet Bayit Vegan
  • Lifeskills – with the cooperation of Michlelet Bayit Vegan
  • Introduction to the work life
  • Written communication
  • Visual communication
  • The computerized warehouse
  • Librarianship
  • Maintenance and practical management of yeshivot and shuls
  • And more


Providing for the Soul: A Special Kollel

In the framework of Alei Siach’s rehabilitative occupation center, there already exists a structure of Torah shiurm for individuals with light retardation who come from a Torah background.

Due to the increasing demand, we are working on expanding this program into an established Torah kollel, a branch offering Judaic studies for about 40 special-needs adults. Your contribution will enable us to strengthen and keep maintaining this special kollel.

Exciting Breakthrough: Alei Siach Opens the First Religious Group Home for Children with Autism

 In response to tremendous demand, Alei Siach has recently opened a group home for young children with autism. Caring for such children is often overwhelming, requiring great expertise and endless resources of time and strength. For those who have no experience with severe autism, it is impossible to find the words to describe the suffering of their families, and for those who are all too familiar with the grueling difficulties, words are unnecessary.

 Despite the great expense, a warm, supportive, personalized framework is being built for these children. Your contribution and involvement will make this possible. It will also allow us to open a second apartment for the six girls already waiting for an apartment of their own.

 This initiative is a breakthrough for the religious community. To quote our director, Rabbi Perkal: As the only institution in the mitzvah-observant community licensed by the Welfare Ministry to operate assisted-living facilities for individuals with autism, we decided to accommodate the request of parents.”

 For the parents of children on the autistic spectrum, this is momentous news.

For the first time, an apartment within the network of Alei Siach’s assisted-living residences will be designated for very young children aged six, seven and eight who suffer from severe forms of autism and function at an extremely low level.

 The new apartment is equipped with everything special-needs children of this age require: trampolines, ball pools, and plenty of toys and games to provide these children with a real sense of home.