Respite Centers and Recreation Centers

Afternoon Programs

Alei Siach founded the Chavayom, a daily afternoon and evening program, for all those special-needs individuals who do not live in sheltered housing, and are in desperate need of productive occupation once they complete their school or work day.

 Every day, dozens of girls and boys of various ages attend the Chavayom. They arrive by organized transportation, and after enjoying a hot lunch, they enjoy a rich program that includes all kinds of fun and therapeutic activities like cooking and baking, electronics, music, crafts, hydrotherapy, animal therapy, and even trips.

 The Chavayom afternoon and evening program is supervised by professional staff and run by experienced counselors who have that special approach so necessary to the special-needs population.

 The Chavayom runs separate groups for boy and girls, and they are divided into small groups, so that all participants receives the special attention they need and deserve.

 The 365-day a Year Respite Center

Alei Siach’s respite center is a guest house recognized by the welfare ministry, which operates on a day-by-day basis. Like our Chavayom afternoon program, the center was established for special-needs individuals still living at home. It provides a place to stay overnight or for a few days.

 There are times in every family’s life, such as a family occasion, when all members of the family should be present, leaving no one at home to care for their special-needs child. It is just at such a time that they desperately need a place for their child to stay. That’s exactly what Alei Siach’s respite center is there for.

 On the other hand, it may be just in the midst of daily routine that a family with a special-needs child needs a breather. Again, Alei Siach’s respite center is the place that can host their child and grant parents and siblings a bit of a break – something so necessary for the preservation of a healthy family unit.

 Alei Siach’s respite center is active 365 days a year, always available to absorb children and adults that are referred by the welfare ministry. The respite center operates separate apartments for girls and boys, which are all   suitably equipped for their special needs, and our warm, devoted, and capable counselors are there to care for our guests.

 The center’s operation increases during Shabbos, holidays and vacation days when many families place a request to send their special-needs children to a warm, safe place. Suitable meals and activities are provided for on Shabbos and Yom Tov while day camps, fun activities, and trips are planned for vacation days.