Special Projects

Part of Alei Siach’s vision includes developing new and essential projects for the special-needs population. Our deep familiarity with special-needs individuals and their families combined with our intense desire to help them in every possible way has led to exciting and groundbreaking initiatives.

Kamocha Conference

The first Kamocha-Just Like You conference took place in the winter of 2012 at Binyanei Haumah, Jerusalem’s International Convention Center, and it was titled: “The Annual Conference for Improving Quality of Life for the Special-needs Population in the Religious Community.”

 The conference gathered under one roof numerous groups, organizations, professional government ministers and representative, as well as families of special-needs individuals who all benefitted from addressing relevant issues.  The conference took place with the sponsorship of Aleh, Petachya, Shemaya, Sulam, Alei Siach, the Shalem Foundation, the welfare ministry, the health ministry, and the National Insurance Institute.

 The conference ran for an entire day, offering simultaneous programs in a number of halls and included discussions, lectures, workshops and panels with top experts in the field from Israel and other countries.

 This conference was one of Alei Siach’s latest breakthrough initiatives. Preparations for the Kamocha’s second conference are presently underway.

Kamocha Magazine

This professional magazine addresses both families of special-needs individuals and professionals who work with them. Each issue offers varied and fascinating content that contains the latest updates in the field, advice columns, family columns, professional tips and techniques, academic articles and more.

 The magazine is distributed to hundreds of subscribers all over Israel, and it has received much enthusiastic response from satisfied readers who benefit and enjoy this practical platform, which is especially vital for the religious population that doesn’t always have access to online information. Currently, Kamocha Magazine is approaching its 30th issue.


Ta’atzumot Center

In March 2012, Alei Siach took over the management of the Taatzumot Center. Taatzumot was founded as a volunteer organization to help families with special-needs children. It didn’t take long for the center to become successful and the steadily increasing demand for its services demonstrates clearly the great need for such an organization.

 Taatzumot’s goal is to become an all-inclusive source for parents and siblings of special-needs children, to provide guidance, support, and information. The merger of Alei Siach and Taatzumot was meant first and foremost to make it easier for families who often find themselves tangled in bureaucracy and lack the knowhow of accessing the benefits coming to them.

 To mark the merger, a modest yet emotional ceremony took place in the home of Rav Ezriel Auerbach, shlita, and was attended by the deputy health minister, Rabbi Yaakov Litzman.