Summer Camps

Alei Siach’s overnight summer camp, Camp Bimyuchad, offers the ultimate summer experience for special-needs children and adults. Two weeks plus hundreds of special-needs campers plus hundreds of volunteers equals thousands of joyous moments for the campers and days of serenity for their families. While their child is in a fun and safe environment, parents can snatch some desperately-needed relaxation, regain the strength they need to cope with the complex task of raising a special-needs child, and spend quality time with the rest of the family.

 With one week for boys and one week for girls, Camp Bimyuchad is attended by about 400 campers – and 400 counselors, a 1:1 ratio. The camp is timed to coincide with the official summer vacation period designated by the special education system, which has fewer vacation days than the regular education system.

 Understandably, Camp Bimyuchad is a huge project requiring complex logistics and comprehensive preparations. Camp days are filled with rich programs, attractions, suitable activities, performances, magicians, and more. Famous singers bring their bands to gladden the campers, to make them dance and raise their spirits. One day is even spent at a water park. The volunteers too enjoy special evening programs after a hard day’s work. It’s an experience that is eagerly awaited all year long.

 For the sake of the children and their struggling families, we intend to expand our activities and set up additional programs and getaways for other vacation days such as chol hamo’ed and Chanukah.